POL 323: The U.S. Congress (Fall 2020)

Sept. 14 - Live Meeting 2, starting at 6:05pm (discussion of polarization in Congress and polarization in the mass public)
Sept. 28 - Live Meeting 3, starting at 6:05pm (discussion of congressional elections and redistricting)
Oct. 12 - Live Meeting 4, starting at 6:05pm (discussion of budget politics), Mini Assignment 1 Due
Oct. 14 - Recorded lecture posted: Legislative Procedure and Strategy, Part 1, Readings Assigned: Oleszek (chapter 2) and Saturno
Oct. 26 - Live Meeting 5, starting at 6:05pm (discussion of legislative procedure and strategy)
Oct. 28 - Recorded lecture posted: The Filibuster and Gridlock, Readings Assigned: Binder and Smith and Klotz, Short Paper Due
Nov. 4 - Recorded lecture posted: Committees, Reading Assigned: Fenno
Nov. 9 - Live Meeting 6, starting at 6:05pm (discussion of the filibuster and gridlock and committees)
Nov. 11 - Recorded lecture posted: Parties and Agenda Control, Part 1, Reading Assigned: Cox and McCubbins, Final Project Proposal Due
Nov. 18 - Recorded lecture posted: Parties and Agenda Control, Part 2, Reading Assigned: Richman, Mini Assignment 2 Due
Dec. 2 - Recorded lecture posted: Money in Politics, Reading Assigned: Ansolabehere et al.
Dec. 7 - Live Meeting 7, starting at 6:05pm (discussion of parties and agenda control and money in politics)